Google AdSense Approval Procedure for 2016 edition

Adsense Non Hosted account is like money gun of bloggers . Every blogger desire to monetize their blog with best recurring monetization networks . We are also know the Google ads network is one of best monetizetion network since 2003. it approval is not easy because Google  set up is very strict program policies  and Eligibility criteria for approving new application.




Do you know:

Process of Adsense Approval

  1. Make a blog that follow Google term and condition .
  2. Now create a new   account with unique payee name and domain.
  3. Wait for Google email regarding to your new application.
  4. If your blog is Eligible for Ads,  Google send you a email to generate a ads unit.


Procedure to create a ads unit

  • Sign in google Adsense account.
  • At the top click on My ads to show how many ads unit you had created.
  • Click Create ad unit here you can create to new ads unit.
  • Design your Ads unit According to your blog and Click Save and Get code.
  • Copy the HTML Ad code.
  • In your website Editor open up a popular page on your site.
  • Paste the copied HTML code on the page and save.
  • While application is under review , A blank will be ads show on page. it may take up to one week to approve.
  • Once application will have been approve , Adsense start show ads on your site .
  • once you verify address , your account will be Fully activated.

How to Verify Google Adsense Address with PIN

  • once your adsense earning reaches $10 , Google generate a pin to verify your address.
  • Generated pin will be dispatch your address with in 2-3 after generating a pin.
  • Pin may take 4 week to reach you . it depend upon  courier services.
  • Be careful while Enter the pin because if you enter 3 time incorrect pin.  Ads serving will be suspend  on your blog.
  • If you don’t receive pin , you request for new pin. this new pin will be copy of your previous pin. Google Adsense send three time pin in one month interval.
  • If you will not receive any pin ,don’t be hopeless . Because one other option is also available to verify address.
  • You can send any Govt approve id to Adsense  for Address verification .

you can also your alternative ads network or affiliated program to boost earning. Many  ads  CPM network are also available that pay on impression. CPM ads network generally give $1-3 per thousand impression. This video help help you find best CPM network .


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