Adsense Guide : Best Tricks to Increases CPC

Adsense is  prime source of revenue of each bloggers. CPC ( Cost Per  Click ) is  known as pay per click (PPC) i.e. the amount of money which will be paid by the advertisers for a single click on their Ads running on publisher web page . Many publisher complain that their earning is very low in spite of higher CTR and 1000 Impression/ day. Reason behind  the lower earning is Lower cost pr click rate . So higher CPC helps to Improve Adsense revenue. say that AdSense CPC is depends on the advertisers bidding  for your site/blog. According to Google publisher have not directly control over the Cost pr click rates . So publisher should have to care about some Important factors which indirectly helps to Improve the CPC rates.

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How can Increases Adsense CPC rate :

1. Choose Correct Niche :

Adsense CPC rate varies with the niche of blog . The blog which related to Health , Gadgets and Domains are get higher cpc . because more advertisers are bidding for your site/blog .One important point keep in mind , if you are creating a blog for earning and you don’t know ABC of that niche , then you will not success . so choose correct niche which gives money and you know very well. I gives  list of some niche which give Higher Adsense CPC rate .

  • Domains and Hosting
  • Gadgets
  • Google
  • Banking and lone
  • Automobile
  • Health and insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs

You can Improve revenue by Increase Google Adsense CTR .

2. Keyword and Content .

Write the content with keyword to just answer the query of reader. Before writing blog post try to find out what readers are searching on the Internet?  why  Reader visit on your web page ? . First collect brief information and high paying keyword , then start writing the post. It’ s help you  to present quality content for your  readers. Google  robots crawl your article before display ads,If Adsense robot find the valuable keywords and useful content, then Google Adsense  serve high PPC ad. Various online tool such as Google Adword and SEMRUSH are helps to find out valuable keyword.

When you will search keyword , you will  find two types of keyword. one which has High PPC but less searched and another low cpc but high searched . High paying keyword does drive more on webpage . So always chose both type of keyword.

3. Allow block Adsense ads:

Google give a very use full feature ie Publisher can select which type of ads display on webpage. If you don’t like any ads category you can block . So this feature can help you to Improve Adsense CPC. Here I help you to Block ads.

  1. Login Google Adsense account .
  2. Select allow & block ads.
  3. Select General Categories .

If you find that any ad category is not paying much as % of Impression then ,you free to block that category.


4. Targeting Country :

It is one of important factor that affect click through rate  .Generally one click on ad from UK or USA give up to $2 to $3 where as in Asian country on click on same ad give only .2$ to .3$ . Because Asian county has low advertiser bidding.

Hence,You should  always target blog and its content to audiences in English-speaking countries.

5.Use Single  Advertising Network to increase CPC Rates :

There are many monetizing networks available like infolink, clicksor etc. But I advise you to keep away from other advertising networks for better AdSense CPC rates. Reason behind that, advertisers choose the network which costs less for them to appear on your blog.

6. Enable both Image and Text Ads types to get High CPC Rates :

Generally, Adsense Display  five types of Ads which are Text, Image, Animated image, Rich media and Flash. All those Ad types are categorized into three types one is Text Ads, link ads and  Display Ads.

I  recommend all of publisher to enable both Text & Display Ads types for your all AdSense Ad Units. It will increase the number of advertisers and bid for your site. hence it’s ensuing higher CPC rates for them.

7.Show AdSense Ads in the right area ;

It’s very difficult to find out right area to  display AdSense Ads for higher CPC. You should place at least one AdSense Ad Unit codes above the fold and other one just after/below   the post/articles end and last one either on sidebar or footer. You should never place your all three Ad unit code in one place it’s violate Google term and condition . Use Heatmap plugin to find which area get maximum click on your Blog. learn more About HeatMap on Wikipedia


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