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Adsense is very popular monetizing network since 2003 . it have more advertisers  so it has more bidders for your ad place. This is main reason for Google  pay high rate revenue (CPC) than other advertising program . Publisher are also know that adsense account approval is very difficult because Google is strict about Adsense Program Policies and TOS .  I had already discuss , Google had been disabled  Approve account in India , pakistan , bangladesh . Why Adsense Account had disabled by google ? Because google  is stricts about their Program Policies and TOS . If publisher  violate their Program Policies and TOS , If publisher  violate Adsense Program Policies and TOS , then Google  penalize you, ie suspends or disables your account  . Google Ads program already fix the Maximum Number allow  Google ad units on a Web Page. So now one question arise in your mind .

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How Many Google AdSense Ads are Allowed Per Page?

So Now  I am answering your question ie How Many Google  Ads are Allowed Per Page . Google  offers 5 types of ads, and they are categorized in the following formats:

  • AdSense content unit.
  • AdSense link unit.
  • AdSense for search.

So select ads unit which give full user experience .Keep in mind that maximum of placing maximum ads on single page reduce CPC and SEO .

Here I describe  maximum  ads units allowed single web page .

1. Adsense Content Units :

Content Units include text, text and image , image or rich media ads. Google allow  Maximum of Three (3) AdSense ad for content units (text, image or rich media) on single web page.

Content units are available in  various ad sizes , which are below :
  • 300×250 (Medium Rectangle)  best for all type devices .
  • 336×280 (Large Rectangle) best for all type devices .
  • 728×90 (Leaderboard) best for desktop .
  • 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper)  best for desktop .
  • 320×50 (Mobile Banner)  best for mobile .
  • 234×60 (Half Banner) Place in post .
  • 320×100 (Large Mobile Banner)
  • 468×60 (Banner) place in post .
  • 970×90 (Large Leaderboard)  best for desktop .
  • 970×250 (Billboard)  best for desktop .
  • 120×600 (Skyscraper) place in sidebar and  best for Desktop.
  • 120×240 (Vertical Banner)
  • 300×600 (Large Skyscraper)  best for desktop .
  • Responsive Design

You can make change in ads size to  fit ad in  your blog. But I suggest  you use Responsive Ad , 336*280 and 160*600 . These unit are perform well in all devices.

AdSense link unit :

Link unit is one of best performing ad units when it is blend with blog template .  It works great under navigation menu,  related posts , main post . Maximum of Three (3)   Link units are allowed on a single web page. Link units are available in  various ad sizes , which are below :

  • 728×15 (Horizontal Large)  best for desktop .
  • 468×15 (Horizontal Medium)   best for all type devices
  • 200×90 (Vertical X-Large)  place in post .
  • 180×90 (Vertical Large)  best for smartphone .
  • 160×90 (Vertical Medium)
  • 120×90 (Vertical Small)

AdSense for search

You can place  ads in Search Engine box on your site. Search Box helps your readers to find their desired posts , pages ,contents quickly. Google show  relevant ads on the search results page. Publisher can add Maximum  2 (Two) AdSense for search units per page.

Many publishers are violating Google Program Policies and TOS . make sure If you are not one of them.Otherwise , Google may permanently closing your Adsense account. Then you open a new account in the very difficulties may have to equate .


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