We are know that Adsense is most populer contextual ads network . It is leader of pay per click advertising since 2003. It’s a easy way to earn money online , if you love blogging or videos . Now  lots of blogger who are making huge money by professional blogging from Google Adsense . Last Friday I got a email from Google  , They said that your Adsense Account has been disabled due to Invalid activity . I was shocked , because  i had earned  $230 . I was worried for Adsense account because we are know that Adsense approval procedure is more tough . so I had make Invalid Activity Appeal . after 2-3 days i received a mail from google , they Enable my Adsense Activity.

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10 Tips to prevent Google Adsense account get disabled

When publishers violate adsense Term & condition , Google suspend your Account for 30 days. If you will not violate any other Google term and condition during this period , your adsense account will be activate after 30 days . Otherwise you account will be ban for ever. If publishers will catch for  click on own ads, Google   terminates that account immediately. If your account had been permanently disable , don’t worry you can get back adsense account .

Common Reason for Disabling Adsense Account

Fraud Clicks:

Google never allow publisher to click yourself on your Ads and you can’t encourage anyone to click on website or youtube Ads. Many publishers thought that google can no catch fraud click if they click with different ip address. But it’s a myth nothing more . Google use a highly professional algorithm to improve their ads network quality. publishers can’t make a fool to Google. Once Google caught you they will ban your account forever.

Fake Traffic:

If you are a website or youtube channel holder then make effort to serve  good quality content . I know that money is important but money should be earn from legal way.  Don’t try to purchases traffic or drive traffic by illegal way . fake traffic may be harmful for  your website and youtube channel. Promote your website legal way and use quality information . Keep in mind nothing is bad in promotion but don’t try to buy fake traffic .

How to appeal for disabled Adsense account.

If your Adsense account had been disable , Submit the Appeal to Get Approval Again . it’s a most important to get your account again .Check the mail  to particular reason for banned account,  resolve it after then submit an appeal.

Invalid activity appeal
Type your appeal message within 1000 words and give correct information . make sure your information is not accurate before submit it to Google team.After submission a appeal wait 24 -48 hours google will you regarding your account status. If you are fail to recover  account , try to make new account or use adsense alternative.

nice article but dear
here u didnt share all the info to get back account with proper example
always do with some proof otherwise your posts will be valuless


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