What is Google AdSense and how does it work ?

What is Goggle Adsense ?

Adsense is a CPC (Cost pr click) Advertising program of Google which are show the relevant and auto adjustable Ads in website and blog .  it’s a program that generates relevant banner ads , text and image ads, videos ads (for youtube.com) and sponsored links based on the content of a website . Mainly Google Adsense is work for publisher and Google AdWord is work for Advertiser.

adsense work

How Adsense Work for Publisher ?

Google publish the Ads according to the content of a website. publisher can control and block the ads unit and type of ads. After successfully Creating  a  Adsense account , you need to create a ads unit. Ads unit give a HTML and Java script code. java script code place where , you want to display the ads. you will earn money  in two way,If any visitor see or click on Ads , than Google pay you according to

  1. No of click and CPC (Cost per Click).
  2. No impression on site.

Impression RPM (Page revenue per thousand impressions ) is lower than CPC (Cost per Click). RPM is define as

RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

It  have larger no of online advertiser who are bidding for your ads place so you get maximum from ads.  you receive payment when reach threshold value of payment ( 100$) .


How AdSense Work for Advertiser ?

It help Advertiser to Advertise to Ads to right person. Because google always track the each person activity internet and Show the Ads according to  our Activity , Search and Location . For Example : If you search about smartphone , Google Adsense to Ads Related to Smartphone. Advertiser require a Google Adwords for Online Advertisement and control of ads such as target traffic , ads keyword , bids. Advertiser will  pay per click. I am give some idea about Adwords because both are directly connected. Google always prefer high bids ads.


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