Adsense HeatMap :Best practices for ad placement

Google Adsense is one the best PPC ( pay per click) ad network. It gives high CPC  and easiest way to monetize the blog. PPC is smart choice to monetize your blog/website where publisher put ad blocks on own website and earn money whenever a visitor clicks on ads.

What happens when visitors will not clicks on the ad? you think about that. your revenue will start decreasing.What you will do, if visitors do not click on ads?  I guess your answer is to try to increases CTR.

While Increasing SEO and CPC, Publisher should also consider for Increase CTR, Adsense HeatMap is one best method to increase the CTR. Now one question raises.

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Adsense HeatMap: Tool for Increase The CTR in Adsense?

Google Adsense offers various type of ads unit. In order to improve the CTR care about content and visitors requirement.If you place various type ads and content is very low.

None of the visitor land on your blog in the feature. No visit, no click and finally no earning.  So Ads unit and Ad size selection should be wisely, without hampering the user experience. Adsense HeatMap is one best tool for placing ads. While placing  advertisement do you think of following points :

  • Why reader visit on your site?
  • What is more Important content or Advertisement?
  • Where is visitors attention likely to be focused?

Think like visitors and you may see your page (and your ad placement) in a whole new way. If you can easily find what you are searching for, visitors will come back to your site/blog. Also, choose an ad style that’s easy for your users to read.

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Responsive Adsense Heatmap:

AdSense also plays different roles in desktop and mobile views so you have to take care of this also to increase your revenue.CTR and CPC rate is changed according to the device. A responsive AdSense HeatMap helps you to understand it better in responsive themes and it will help you to gain money from both mobile and desktop users without any discrimination at all.

Click here to see Google suggested Heatmap.This Google Adsense heatmap shows the best ad placements for normal web page layout. The dark orange area is showing the best while light shows the worst ads locations for the general blog. Adsense suggest the different type of heatmap for different niches.Google has published this HeatMap to show where AdSense Ads generates more clicks – Darker the Ares, Higher the CTR% and the CPC.

Google adsense heatmap

Another few place you can place your AdSense ads for better CTR and CPC.

  • Above the post or after the heading
  • Sidebar banner ads
  • Ads in middle of content
  • Sidebar video unit

Adsense Heatmap according to blog niche

Adsense Heatmap for a news site

Adsense Heatmap for a blog

Adsense Heatmap for a Game site 

Adsense Heatmap for a sport site 

Minimize the number of ads.

Adsense allowed Number of ads unit on the single page.

  • 3 ads for the content unit.
  • 3 ads for  link unit
  • 2 AdSense for search.

But publisher chooses less no of the ad on the single page. Less number of ad place increases the bid among the advertiser hence CPC will be increased, Adsense HeatMap will help to find the best place for ads placement. On other, you will attract more visitors to content. Larger  Ad size increases the CTR rate. So try to choose large ad size but ad size should not be irritated.


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