Adsense payment method in India 2016

Google AdSense , A most popular monetization network used by bloggers, is always confusing for new users. New publisher are always asks questions related to sign up, account approval, account ban, optimization and many have four payment options available for their AdSense earnings payment. these payment methods are vary with country. Adsense payment method are

  •  Checks.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).
  • Wire Transfer and v) Western Union Quick Cash.

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How  does Google Adsense pay in Asian country( Including India , Pakistan and Bangladesh) is a very popular question among bloggers (mainly beginners). Answer of your Question I will explain below .

Previously, only Cheque (issued by Citibank) payment method was available for indian  publishers . Payment  checks had mailed via the local courier service ( Blue Dart ) to local address. which takes generally 15-20 days to delivers cheque from the date of issue of payments . Cheque was take more time  paperwork and  some days for clearance. Another problem was , If you fail receive cheque, or cheque was not delivered to your local address. Google take 60 days to reissue check. Finally it was time consuming and unsecure.

Therefore, Asian Google Ads publishers were eagerly waiting for the new payments system for their AdSense earnings and get rid of cheque payment system, which takes 15 to 20 days to get clear and paid. But, now Google AdSense publishers in India will get their earnings directly into their bank account via wire transfer.Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment for AdSense payment has been added since August 2014 . Now, publisher go for this new payment system and receive Adsense  earnings directly into bank account just within 24 hours.

How to Upgrade AdSense Account for EFT Payment

If you are a new  publisher , here I give you few tips which you should keep in mind:

Collect all details (name, address, IFSC and swift code etc.) before signing up .

Your name should be identical as bank account Holder name. EFT payment give facility to receive to receive payment to another payee .

Publisher should  update your payment preference before the 20th of a given month , because Google pay between 21th to 26th day of given month .

Step-1 (Login):
Login to your Google AdSense account and go to setting.

Step-2 (Payment Settings):
Click gear icon appears in the top right corner , then select Payments from the drop-down list and select payment setting.Home Google AdSense

Step-3 (Select Add a new payment method):
You will see Add a new payment method in the last, just click on edit and complete the form and save.

Adsense EFT payments form

If you don’t know ifsc code and code , then connect to your home branch or bank customer care .


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