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There are many ad networks like AdSense, etc. to monetize the blog content. These advertiser networks show the ads on the base of the content of the website. is one of the companies that are content advertising is Content such as display ad and Sponsor link. is a pay per click advertising network list like Google AdSense and but It has some difference from Google AdSense.
In this post, I will review the on basic of my experience. This review on the base of different aspects of the native advertising network and Pay per click Advertisement.

Nowadays many ad networks dealing with content are much popular such as The network pays publishers to display high quality and attractive sponsor content on their websites and on mobile applications, etc. The Native ad network is a new way for earning money online with your content sites.

Content.Ad Review for Publisher networks ads are very adaptive and responsive. ads are autos adjustable in size and alien with device display and it loads fast. Here I have listed the some of the features that ads network.

  •  It requires a good volume of EU, USA and tier 1 traffic to approve your website.


  • It is fast, in most case, it takes little time to sign up and the account is approved within  2 days.


  • is responsive and adjustable across a wide range of devices.


  • Its offer higher rates to publishers for worldwide traffic especially for USA traffic.


  • run on the website that is free of malware, etc.


  • does not accept objectionable content, which includes pornography and hacking, etc.


  • The threshold for is $50.


  •  Payments are made once per month and Payments are processed and sent out on the 25th of every month.


  • It has many payment option Payment Method eg: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paper Check  and eCheck / Global ACH Offers a powerful publisher panel which is backed with loads of advanced features and report. CPC and CPM CPC rate depends upon various factor like other ads offer higher rates are usually to a publisher who has traffic on their websites generated from USA and UK.The publisher who has traffic on their websites generated from all over the world is earn more revenue.

Content.Ad cpc and cpm
Content.Ad Earning Report


The calculation of the earning and rates paid on the basis of eCPM and eCPC advertising.CPM rate is higher for a publisher who has high traffic.The CPC rate is usually low but it has decent CTR because of sponsor ads are very attractive but It increases the bounce rate.

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Like every ad network is also calculates the revenue on the basis of eCPM and eCPC CPC and CPM is depended upon various factors and usually delivers higher rates for USA traffic.

The CPM and CPM for native ads placement depend on the traffic and conversions rate. pay CPC of around 3 to 6 cents and RPM offered is in the range of 5 cents to USD 2. Ad Types

The quality stands for degree of the perfectness for an ad network It can usually been ascertained by the type and number of ads are offered by the ad network. have a wide range of  Ads that are related to content and promote brands and product that advertisers want to promote.

Here is a look at some of the ad types on offer:

  • Display Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Pop Up ads
  • Pop Down Ads
  • Side Bar Ads
  • Promoted Content Ads Ad Types

Its ad sizes are flexible and auto adjustable accordingly to a post ads of different sizes and styles so as to be both website and Mobile and Tablet device compatible. Unlike the other Ads network, it runs parallel to other ads network eg Google Adsense and

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