Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network ( is now popular ads network after Google Adsense. Some blogger is using after it. Because  don’t easily approve for the publisher. This is the main reason, Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network look for a lot of factors before taking a action for an application.As a result I have been given some awesome tips to monetize a site or blog with

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How To Get Accepted Into is considered a best Google Adsense alternative on comparing several factors like ad quality, cost per click(CPC), payment method, ad auction and much is also set up quality criteria for the publisher

 Manage Top Level Domain Name (LTD)

The domain is not only website address, It tells about brand and business. So Choose correct domain which, tell about your blog.Use Top level domain extension such as.Com,Net, .Org etc. That drive more valuable traffic for your site.

Unique and Quality Content gives more priority on unique, quality content. So make sure about the content quality
and try to write unique content. By this way, you get benefit two ways

  • Maximize Revenue
  • Sure a Good position in search engine

Before Apply for  Ensure that blog regularly updated. This is the main criterion as accept only active blogs. If you have a good blog but you are not updating, you can recycle the old content to fulfill this requirement and content policy

The language of your blog

Contain content that is primarily in the English language. Your application wwill rejected for non English Content. Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network accepts only websites which primary language is English.

If you are using dual languages (English + some other language) on your blog, I recommend you apply English.

Make a few pages of your blog showcases only English content. Once you get approved for can use other language but Ads will be shown only for English content.

Domain Age

Before application, you must think about Domain age. Make sure you will be 6 months old. Many Publisher says that domain age is 12 months old to get approval for i got approved account in just 3 months. It depends upon search engine traffic and Alexa ranking. So, apply once, if your domain age is 6 months old.

Organic Search Engine

Traffic is not only of the great factor for approving your blog but also for Ads revenue. To improve  SEO and drive organic traffic. You need a minimum 1000 per day visitors from US and UK. Because unlike Adsense, Media.Net is not available for all language and country. Submit your blog sitemap into Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, so that people can discover your blog easily.

Make Important Pages

Create some page like About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Pages & give important above those pages. This page is not only for approval for represents how you are serious about the visitor. You can easily make these page with the help of WordPress plugins. So you can use  Contact form plugins.

Make Easy To Navigate your site or blog

Make easy to navigate your blog, it helps to find out information in easy ways. Use responsive and  SEO friendly layout to understand Good and Professional out looking. Easy Navigate menu increases page view per visitor. It’s help you make good position in Search Engine.


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