Adsense is one of the best ads networks to monetize blog /site. Google Adsense show mainly 3 types of ads Publisher can quickly add Text ads, link ads and AdSense for search. If you are not using Adsense for search ads unit, you should have a search box on your blog. It helps your readers to find content within your blog. If you use Adsense for the search for showing search results within your blog will help to increase your revenue.

How is Adsense custom search ads? Google said

Adsense custom search ads use the search query to deliver highly targeted, relevant ads. The result is satisfied users and more revenue.
leverage the expertise and unique ad formats found on Google while accessing our partner network of over one million advertisers.
Custom Search Ads can be customized to the look and feel of your site. Size, location, color, and font are all in your control

How to Set Adsense custom search ads.

When you will configure Adsense for search, we will find two options to show search results.

  1. Within Blog page.
  2. On Google page.

If you want to retain the visitors on your blog and lower down the bounce rate, I advise you to show the search result within your blog.

Create an Adsense custom search ads account, Which is associated with Adsense Account.

1. Type a Name for your search engine. eg: your site name
2. Select what to search

  • Within Blog page.
  • On Google page


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3. Set your targeted keyword which is related to your blog content.

4. Make the tick mark on the safe search to block adult or violate content on search result page.

5. Define geo-location search territory, Google uses to display the search result and ads related to your location. Eg,,, etc.

6. Select the primary language of your site.

7. Select Encoding category to match browser compatibility and secure the data.

8. Search result transliteration selection option. Whether to translate the search result or not. it helps to increase the readability and make blog user-friendly.

9. Want to use popular queries or not?

10. You can Add custom channel if you want to track ad unit performance and much more.

11. Select custom searches box. you can make change custom search box style as box fit in your blog.

12. Choose ad style to display Ads on the custom search result page.

13. Select the where you would like to show the custom search result either on a Google page in the same window or a Google page in a new window or on your web page using an iframe.

14. You can Add a custom logo if you want to use your logo.

15. Click on Save and get the code. Copy the code for further use.

How to Place Google Adsense custom search engine widget in blog

1. Log in to blogger account and open dashboard.

2. Select the layout.

3. Now Click on Add a gadget.

4. Choose HTML/JavaScript from the widget list.

5. Paste the copied code of Adsense custom search engine.

6. Click on Save to save the gadget configuration.


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