We are living in a modern visual world and image optimization here cannot be ignored. Images make any web page more attractive and the use of images properly is also an important part of our SEO process. Image optimization gives us many advantages such as ranking opportunities for better user experience, load time improvement, and image search.

Let us know which are the factors we can ensure that our images will be easily found in search and rank. Below are the 6 important tips that you need to know for image optimization.

6 Tips for SEO Image Optimization

1. Always use high-quality images –

The more images we have, the better the users will be and the more our images will rank in the image search for the correct terms. Original images can be easily created by a designer. High-quality images help attract more people to our website and allow us to rank quickly in search results.

2. Images should help tell a story –

There should be a reason for every image. Many people learn by seeing and therefore images are a great way to learn. You can use images in different ways, such as –
• Infographic
• Screenshots
• Presentations
• Data visualizations etc.

Images can tell your story, and make your blogs, articles, and landing pages interesting. Our reason for placing images is to make content more readable and interesting.

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3. Beware of copyright –

For the images, you use, make sure that the image is free of copyright. If you use someone else’s copyright images, owners of images can also claim to be your image on your website.

4. Improve images by using Tools –

After downloading images from websites like Shutterstock or iStock, you can improve with them through tools. A tool like Canva lets you add text, font, background, and uniqueness to your images, which makes images attractive. Many images and stock photos are made attractive using free tools such as Canva.

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5. Name Images for SEO –

When the importance of SEO comes, then the use of the title, description, and keywords of the image is very important. So that the name of the image file tells Google and other search engines the subject of images so that our images rank in search engines results. So changing the name of the default images is always a good idea.

6. Type SEO-Friendly Alt Tags –

Similar to Title, the alt tag is used to describe an image file. Alt tags are a good alternative option when a browser does not correctly present images. When the image is not loaded, you get an image box with alt tags, so that users know about the image.
Simultaneously, by adding the appropriate alt tag to the website, keyword sets used in your website image can get a better ranking.

And one important thing – be sure to create and publish an image sitemap to place all your images in one place.

Now you must have realized that some efforts have to be made to image optimization, but images are necessary to give better information to the customers, so make sure the images are optimized. This image SEO tip is very important for the success of your website.


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