Google AdSense Approval Procedure for 2016 edition

Adsense Non-Hosted account is like money gun of bloggers. Every blogger desire to monetize their blog with best recurring monetization networks. We also know the Google ads network is one of best monetization network since 2003. Its approval is not secure because Google set up is stringent program policies and Eligibility criteria for approving the new application.     Do you

How to sign up AdSense via Youtube

YouTube is one biggest videos sharing site , where users can upload own videos creation such as music , songs , tutorial etc and monetize with google ads. YouTube  partner program allow to user create or link non hosted adsense account to YouTube channel and monetize  videos . Google share 51 % of ads revenue .Users can

What is Google AdSense and how does it work ?

Contents1 What is Google Adsense?1.1 Google Adsense highlights:1.2 How Adsense Work for Publisher?1.3 How AdSense Work for Advertiser? What is Google Adsense? Adsense is a CPC (Cost per click) Advertising program of Google which shows the relevant, auto adjustable and native ads on website and blog. Google Adsense generates relevant banner ads, text and image ads, videos